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What Our Clients Are Saying

Dyana Drews Winchester:

“After my car accident I was in a lot of pain. My back, legs and shoulders were hurting most of the time. Now, as a patient of Tara’s not only do I feel better physically but my emotional well-being is improving too. Being in constant pain can really affect me. Tara’s encouragement and professional care has helped tremendously.”


Tracy Gargus Kinney

“Last spring I was in so much pain. I had 2 injections in my neck, physical therapy and I was actually scheduled for surgery. Dr Chellis worked on my neck. It took some time but I am so happy to say NO surgery and I feel great!!! I would send anyone with back or neck pain to her!”


Kristin Mahaffey Foldvik

“I was very much a skeptic of chiropractic services. I thought there was no way that adjustments and massages could change the level of pain, tightness and swelling I was experiencing. After Dealing with increasing lower back pain and shoulder tension for over a year, my husband finally convinced me to see Dr. Chellis. I felt better after the appointment, but still wasn’t convinced… Once we started incorporating the massage, the stretches and the adjustments on a regular basis – relief was found! Dr. Chellis and Cindy have really helped my posture, pain management and made me a true believer in Chiropractic wellness. ”


Lili Gresham Hiser

“Dr. Chellis has been a blessing allowing me to have a better quality of life helping me manage my back and neck pain caused from a bad car accident. I was hesitant before my first visit because I was uncertain what chiropractic treatment would entail and if it would be beneficial. That was a couple years ago. Today, I am pleased to be a regular patient of Dr. Chellis. In fact, she is now helping me with my prenatal care with the pregnancy of my first child. I am thankful for the outstanding job she does helping me enjoy life even more with less pain.”